25 Oct

       Cleaning, polishing, Preserving …  Naturally! -Non-toxic, acid free   -Safe for children and pets   – All natural ingredients  -Gentle on skin   -Allergy friendly  -Phosphor free  –Fully biodegradable  – Non-abrasive  -Unlimited shelf-life  Save money with UNIVERSAL STONE; a single jar replaces so many cleaning products! Try Universal stone on all your home, auto and recreational items. […]

15 Oct

Nobody sells this quality-made product line from Europe, in Canada, for less! 500g Jar with Applicator Sponge               $29.99 800g Jar with Applicator Sponge               $39.99 4kg Pail with 5 Applicator Sponges          $149.99 Universal Stone Applicator Sponge         $2.00 Universal Applicator Sponge, 3-pack      $5.00 The World’s Best Pot Scrubbers, Flat      $2.99 The World’s Best Pot Scrubbers, Foam  $2.99 […]

12 Oct

On-line purchases can be safe and convenient when you choose businesses with proven products, services and solid reputations. Responsible companies post their Privacy and Customer Satisfaction policies on their websites, so that you can familiarize yourself with their policies before adding purchases to the shopping cart section.  If they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, they […]

10 Sep

Looking for an enviro-friendly, child and pet safe solution to tough cleaning jobs? Try Universal Stone. This innovative, nonabrasive “foaming stone” from Germany features natural ingredients like earth/polishing clay, green soap and vegetable oils. Using the applicator sponge included, rub the stone, create lots of foam and watch it clean away grease, grime, dirt, mildew, […]