Everything including the kitchen sink!

“I bought the universal stone yesterday at the Canada Blooms booth in Toronto. I thought at the time “yeah, another miracle product, and obviously was very skeptical that it would work but, thinking of friends who live in Barrie where there is a hard water problem I bought it.

I tried it out on my VERY old double kitchen sinks. I did one side and left the other and took a picture and yes, it really does work. I sent the pictures to two friends who live in Barrie, Ontario where the water has an extremely high lime content. Since using it on my sinks I’ve been trying it out and other things like pots and pans and now wish I had bought more of the sponges.”

Patricia (Paddy) O’Hara
Toronto, Ontario


For more than 15 years, I’ve been using my awesome Universal Stone (Universal Stein) for cleaning pots, ceramic tops, stainless steel (sinks), metal, toys, etc. and LOVE it!! It’s like magic and of course non-toxic 🙂

My last 800 g paste, I bought in Germany and it lasted so many years, though I’ve been using most of it the last few years – since I have kids (wonder why)! I just ordered some for my friends and family. HIGHLY recommended!!

Melanie K.


I purchased the universal stone about 2 years ago at the home show in Toronto. I have used the stone for so many things and it has worked every single time. I originally purchased it to clean my stove top and quickly found other uses for it.

My daughter left a crayon in her pocket and I washed a whole load of laundry and also put it in the dryer. Well you can imagine the mess not only was the inside of the dryer covered but also the clothes. I was picking and scraping and getting very frustrated! I used the stone on the inside of the dryer and it worked! Then I thought to myself well I might as well try it on the clothes because they are going to get thrown out because nothing else will work. I scrubbed the spots rinsed them off and put them back in the washing machine (most items were actually jeans) and the crayon was gone.

My brother left a tube of polysporin in a pocket of his sweatshirt then the dryer. He had oil spots all over some very expensive clothing, so he brought them to me. I scrubbed (not even hard) each spot and put them in the washing machine then dryer and you could not even tell where they were. I also used it on an old silver tray I did even scrub I applied the stone and wiped it with a cloth – no elbow grease used at all! I just used it again on carpeting my daughter had marker all over her carpet I again used the stone and it worked like magic!

Does anyone in my area sell this? I have friends and family that can’t believe what I have used this product on and it has worked and they are interested in purchasing some. I realize that you can purchase it online as well but they would rather buy it direct.

Thank you for your time.

Niagara Fallls, Ont.